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Product Name : NUCLEAR VALVE
Part No: NTQX8316G05427252250/DCZD
Size: 1/4"
Model No: NTQX8316G05427252250/DCZD
Description : The NT Series, 3-wa...More

Nuclear Solenoid Valves


ASCO offers a complete line of nuclear qualified products


ASCO, the pioneer and leader in the design and development of solenoid operated valves for the nuclear industry, offers a complete line of nuclear qualified products. Our engineering experience and stringent quality standards make every ASCO valve a high quality engineered product. ASCO nuclear products are 100% inspected and functionally tested prior to shipment in order to insure that they meet the rigorous demands and high expectations of the nuclear industry.

General Description
ASCO NS/NP Series direct-acting solenoid valves operate from zero psi (no minimum pressure is required for the valve to operate), to the individual valve’s maximum rated pressure. This broad family of qualified valves is available in brass or stainless steel.

ASCO direct-acting qualified valves, because of the wide range of sizes, construction materials, and pressures, are suited to the many applications found in nuclear power plants. Some uses include pilot operators for control valves, pressurizing and venting cylinders, and actuators, or for selection and diversion of instrument air.


Valves must be mounted with solenoid vertical and upright.
Important: 5 psi minimum operating pressure differential is required on some pilot operated models.

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